Salbutamol in Pork

People in greater numbers are caring about what is in their food and that’s a good thing, but I worry that “evil” is way more clever than the consumer. The public is balking at  Pink Slime and that’s good because maybe someone will get this crazy idea to do a study on the long term effect of low dosage of Ammonium Hydroxide on people. I’m guessing increased chance of various cancers but I don’t know because it seems this wasn’t worthy of study(I haven’t found a proper study or paper published yet). People are reacting to the more visceral argument of “don’t feed crap to my kids”. So while we are defeating Pink Slime, this is going on…..

Traces of two highly toxic feed additives were allegedly discovered in sausage products from T-Ham and Hsin Tung Yang. Salbutamol as well as cimaterol, feed additives promote lean meat, are much more toxic to humans than ractopamine.

The Whole story can be found HERE (Pig Progress Site) 

I’m flummoxed… evil seems to be winning