Consider the Slaughterhouse

Most of you are probably not up for reading this. Many things are “hard” in life and farming has more hard things than most. I think Bob touches on what I consider the “hardest” part of the job and what separates a good farmer from someone that should be in a different field. A Farmer should ask these questions (all the time) and if you can not reconcile your answers with your soul….. Well it’s time to look for something else. This is also why I feel 99cent cheeseburgers, Chain Grocery Stores and factory farm meat is unethical. I will keep asking these questions and I will keep bearing the weight of their answers

Consider the Slaughterhouse by Bob Comis


three pig off
sunday, march 3, 6 pm
this dinner requires explanation and is not to be missed if you consider yourself a fan of pork! …
In 2011, we competed in a whole pig cooking contest called COCHON555, some call it the “Olympics of Pork”. Against all odds, we won 2 rounds to take the national title @ Aspen Food & Wine and become “the King & Queen of Porc”. We won with a rare, heritage pig called the red wattle raised by an amazing fellow named TC. The Red Wattles are red skinned with a useless dangling face appendage. I choose to think of them as earrings. TC finishes them on walnuts at his farm in Suisun Valley called Walnut Keep. We are now huge fans of this rancher and this breed of pig and have been raising them in our backyard. Some chefs adore another heritage breed called the Mulefoot, another winner at the Cochon555 events. It actually has a foot like a horse’s hoof instead of being cloven. Both the Mulefoot and the Red Wattle are on the Critical list of the American Livestock Breed Conservancy, meaning there is a global population under 1000. Both breeds are included in Slow Food’s Ark of Taste, a catalog of 200 foods in danger of extiction.
We asked our friend Amy of Grabish Farms, who raises Mulefoots if she could bring over her 500+ pound BOSS HOG for a 2 month visit with our girls. One late night, all night, we had 8 babies in the backyard, all with hoof and wattle and all black – the first and only Black Wattle Mulefoot that we know of. We asked TC to raise a Red Wattle, a Mulefoot, and a Black Wattle Mulefoot side by side with the same diet. And now is the time for the eating and comparing! Join us! It will be a lot of food and TC and Amy will be there to share stories and good times. And if that were not enough… wines from our dear friends at Sanglier Winery will be flowing. Owner and grower Glenn Alexander was one of our original Pig Investors in the Mangalitsa Project.

clove + orange coppa di testa
ham + biscuit sliders, guinness mustard
roadhouse pimento cheese + grissini

three bellies “under a brick”
hoisin glaze, pickled mustard greens + mushrooms, star anise sticky rice

three shoulders “roasted in hay”
gigante beans, duck fat bread crumb, green peppercorn salsa verde

three loins “with sticks”
backyard rosemary roasted spuds, fig anchioade

swine sweets
chicharrone peanut butter cups, bacon caramel popcorn, porkeos

Sanglier Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast 2010
Sanglier Rouge du Tusque, Red Rhone Blend, 2009

$93 for food + wine, gratuity + tax not included
call 707.523.4814 to book your spot now

The Cost of 99 cent cheesburgers

So the AG-Gag laws are showing up to help disconnect people from how their food is created. We can close our eyes and chow down on a McValue meal and hope big Pharma comes up with counter measures for the long term deleterious effects such food brings. If your reading this post you are obviously and enlightened person but what do we do about everyone else? I feel sorry for the masses that assume there is nothing wrong with this food and I also hate these people for being so stuuuuupid! Every dollar fuels evil food and agricultural practices and degrades the planet(that we have to share). Here is a story in the Huff Post but I think AG-GAG laws are just a symptom of a much bigger problem.


Prop 37

So the prophet Pollan speaks on prop 37 about some some possible outcomes should it pass. I heard a radio spot this morning saying to vote NO on 37 because it has loopholes and isn’t strict enough…. wow the bamboozlers ( MonsantoDupont  ) are working overtime on this one. This proposition is so straight forward it’s really of a test of the public’s gullibility.  Here is a Fact Check article that bounces around all the horrible world ending possibilities that might occur should products have to be labeled if they contain GMO ingredients.

Best Bacon on the Planet

In case you didn’t know Black Pig Meat makes the best bacon you could ever hope to eat in your lifetime. Like all things that are the “best” it’s rare but worth the trouble to find. See John & Duskie and some familiar looking pigs  on the travel channel

Antibiotics in Animals make cured meats Dangerous


Finocchiona Italian Salami One more reason to avoid animals that are raised with antibiotics.A Study posted by The American Society for Microbiology (hard science) indicates the residual antibiotics in animals retards the growth of lactic acid producing bacteria (the good stuff) disrupting fermentation and allowing various(read the article for the list) nasty pathogens to thrive and of course make people sick, very sick ….die even!

The Drought

The next year is going to be tough on livestock producers. A lot of producers are getting out of the business or dramatically reducing their livestock numbers. The large producers are contracting with South American grain producers to stabilize their cost for the next year.

 Smithfield Foods to import Brazilian corn for its pigs

We look at farming practices in an unconventional way and I guess our business strategy is also unconventional….now seems the right time to grow.