This is why we can’t have anything nice

I keep learning this lesson over and over with pigs. You can’t trust them to behave or to leave something new alone (even for a few minutes). Dig a trench through their pasture to lay a new water line ….they will smell fresh turned dirt and dig up your handy work. They are not EVIL per`se but mischief is part of their genetic code. Yes they will challenge you…and one of two things will happen. They will break you, and you end up in fetal position soaked in a puddle of your own tears. They enhance you, and you laugh at your folly and admire their wiles. You might (and this might be an early sign of some kind of pig-dementia) find yourself thanking them for making your life “interesting” and not predictable. I hope this farmer is in the later category because the pigs will not stop testing her/him as it is their nature.


Pig starts fire at US farm

13 Jan 2012

A pig is believed to have started a fire late Wednesday morning that caused mild damage to the Rescue and Refuge Barn at Farm Sanctuary, in Watkins Glen, upstate New York.

Fire chief Joe Dillon said that investigators believe that the pig knocked off the top of a heater that had been placed to keep the water in the trough from freezing.
The top fell on the ground strewn with straw, which ignited, starting the blaze that took fire fighters 45 minutes to bring under control.
Four staff members  suffered smoke inhalation, and were treated for minor injuries after rescuing the animals housed in the Rescue and Refuge Barn, including two calves and three goats.
None of the animals were injured and the barn (one of ten) sustained minor damage.