Cochon 555 LA edition

IMG_1250So this post is WAY overdue (Cochon SF is in 2 DAYS!!) this is actually the reconstruction of some notes and pictures after an unfortunate database incident. So Cochon LA was a bit of surprise for me as we had planned to provide pigs for Napa, San Francisco and Aspen(if we won). Well  it’s an unfortunate fact that a place as large as Los Angeles has one local source of swine. Lefty(The Local Farmer) is one of three people I had planned on meeting while I was down there but missed (maybe next time Lefty). So there is only one true local in this contest (some were saying we were local being a California farm but 6 hours drive seems like a pretty broad definition of local to me.

IMG_1201 The Roosevelt Hotel is a pretty nice place. Stayed there because Cochon 555 and the after party nearby room seems prudent. Lovey place although everyone is a little “too” beautiful and all seem to be members of The Screen Actors Guild




The Angelinos gave Brady a guest halo as he addressed the VIP session. Lindy & Grundy had a demo break down of a kune kune pig



St. Vibiana was the venue and it really was a religious experience.


The Bazaar platting line was a blur most of the evening….


to be continued…